Tourette’s Awareness Month Free Give Away

It seems there is a day, or week everything now. National cat lady day has just gone, but national bow tie is just around the corner (I’m particularly excited about that one). Right now we’re slap bang in the middle of Tourette’s awareness month (yes, we want an entire month). To me this is a particularly important one (not that ‘m saying bow-tie day isn’t) as Tourette’s has always been so misunderstood. The only time you see characters with Tourette’s on TV or in novels there’s a lot of shouting and swearing, usually with ‘hilarious consequences.’ I’m not saying that doesn’t exist. The vocal tics and the swearing is a rare form of Tourette’s called Coprolalia. It’s a harsh unforgiving condition, and certainly nothing to laugh about. I have the upmost respect for those guys.

But Tourette’s is more than that. It’s the jerky neck movement, the eye blinking, the throat clearing and wrist flicking. It’s millions of different tics that are individual and unique to each person with the condition. They continually change, new ones coming and going, and others sticking around for years.

That’s why I chose to write ‘Touretti Spaghetti’. It’s the story of Adam, a fifteen year old boy who suffers with Tourette’s. The story follows him through ten years of his life, from his days as the misunderstood ‘weird kid’ at school to…well that would be giving too much away. But what I wanted to achieve in the pages of this book is to tell the story of one boy’s struggle towards acceptance. I wanted to tell a real story about what it’s like to live with this, about what it’s really like. I wanted a leading character with the condition, and not just for comedy relief. I wanted someone you could cheer on and want the best for. It’s not a book of car chases and explosions. It’s about life, love, friendship and rising above adversity.

I wanted the book to help promote awareness, so it seemed only right that in Tourette’s awareness month I should make it available to as many people as possible. That’s why I have made it available for free on Kindle. It’s only for five days (sadly that’s all Kindle would allow me at one time) so get downloading it now – I’ve posted the link at the bottom. If yu like it, please help a brother out and talk about it, repost it, review it. Write ups on Amazon are particularly great. Even if it’s only just one line. It really helps. Or post something in the comments, or on my Facebook or Twitter. Even if it’s just saying ‘hi’.

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Touretti Spaghetti is out now

I remember starting out writing a book about a boy growing up with Tourette’s. I remember reading so many novels on the subject that made the Character with Tourette’s as one who shouted out swear words, with ‘hilarious’ consequences. There was never any explanation to the pain and the urges behind it. Writing it was so much fun, and I fell in love with Adam, the protagonist of the story. But when I first started out, I never made any thoughts to what I would do with it when I was finished. I just knew I needed to write it.

Self publishing was always an attractive route for me. It has a lot of the same qualities that made blogging such a passion to me. It’s instant, no waiting around. I could set it up as I wanted to, and get it out to the world at just the press of a button. Which is exactly what I did. But I was hasty, and didn’t get it edited properly. But after taking advice from other writers and editors, I did exactly that. Now I have a fully edited version of the book, and it’s ready for your reading pleasure (hopefully) now. I’ve also slightly adjusted the art work, so it’s exactly as I want it. Thanks to my brother for that one. It’s been a long time since finishing that first draft to getting it out. But out it is. I would love to hear your thoughts. I have some PDFs I can send out to book reviewers, or book lovers who would like to review it. Just leave a comment below.

I’ve relaunched this blog to talk about writing, but also to post my music reviews and talk about life in general. Will hopefully be adding new content soon. Giving it a bit of a face lift too, so keep checking back in. I’ve also set up a Facebook page (click here) There’s not too much on it at the moment, but give me a Like please, and I’ll be your bestest buddy. Will add more stuff to it soon.

Anyways, catch you all soon. Buy my book please (here). New proper blog post coming soon. I’ll leave you with a video from the album I’m reviewing at the moment.

Out for now.