Pictures of You

Ash has seen love. He saw it every day in his parents’ relationship, before his dad’s death in a tragic accident. He’s still only seventeen, but he wants that same kind of love for himself. He lives in a northern town with his mother, never stepping out of his comfort zone.His life changes when he receives a random DM from Alex, a Spanish student currently living in London. They hit it off and start an online relationship. But Ash wants more, so decides to take a chance of love, and goes to London for a surprise visit to his online boyfriend. But when Alex ghosts him, he goes on a search to find out who this man really is.

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Hell on Earth

Lawrence, Asher and Oakey have a pretty normal childhood. Until one evening both their parents burst into flames, taking their home down with them. As they look around the street, they see this is happening all around. Life and the world as they know it has changed forever. They jump in their parents’ car and go on the road to find a cottage owned by family friends. ‘Hell on Earth’ follows the three children as they try to find a safe place, and somewhere to belong at the end of the world.

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What Happens on Your, Stays on Tour

Max, Tom, Dean, Ben and Charlie are five ordinary guys. That is until they make the final line-up of a boy band and move into a house together. They imagine they’ll spend their days making music, going to clubs and hanging out with celebrities. But instead they find themselves dealing with a sleazy manager, obsessive fans and journalists who’ll do anything to get a story. As the band’s success grows, their lives start to spiral out of control.

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In Quicksand


Joel didn’t want to go Kelwyn Bay again. It’s the same sleepy seaside town he’d been dragged to by his parents for their summer holidays for as long as he can remember.And nothing seems to have changed since last time.They stay in the same caravan, next to the same boring people. But things seem to look up when he meets enigmatic twins Kelly and Katie, and they introduce him to an underground club scene run by the youth of the village. As his obsession with them grows, his innocence disappears, and his mind starts going to a darker, more dangerous place.

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Touretti Spaghetti


Adam has Tourette’s. All he wants are the things that everyone else takes for granted; a career, a girlfriend, and a family. But even those closest to him don’t know how to treat him. His mother wraps him up in cotton wool, his father doesn’t understand him, and his brother disowns him in public. The only person who sees him for who he is and not jut his condition is his life long best friend Noel.

Touretti Spaghetti follows Adam through ten years of his life as he struggles to fit in at school, university and life in general. It is the story of his pursuit of the normality he craves so much.

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