Hey. My name is Kevin Paterson and I’m a writer, based in Sheffield, in the north of England. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. My series of stories about Mac the parrot and Charlie the monkey were critically acclaimed by my mum, who said of them, ‘well done sweetheart.’ 

In my late teens and early twenties, I used my writing talents to pen songs, which were generally about some guy or other who’d pissed me off or dumped me. My songwriting career came to a premature end due to the fact that I had no discernible musical talent to speak of.

Writing books seemed the obvious next step for me. All the characters I write are based to some extent to people I have met or seen in passing in real life. It’s lucky that I come from a family of people watchers (which is a nice way of saying nosey bastards). My dad always said we were the kind of people who would go to a strip club and watch the audience instead. Not that we went to family trips to strip clubs you understand. That would be weird, but you get the point he was trying to make. 

I have far too many ideas for novels and not enough time to write them. I have about a dozen books I’ve written the first few chapters of before getting a new idea and starting to write that one instead. I could have had more stuff out if i focused on one idea. My attention span is far too short and… Ooh look, there’s a dog over there.

I live my husband and cat. I am a self confessed crazy cat man and feel no shame in this. We often have complex conversations about the state of the world. She understands every word I say.

I have five books out, which you can find more on if you go to the ‘Books’ section of this site. I am currently working on more, that I hope to get out soon. I just need to stop watching so many cat videos on YouTube and get them finished.

This is my space to write about whatever is on my mind at the time; usually writing, music, and generally whatever I’m up to. I’ll talk about projects I’m working on and probably try and flog a few books to you along the way too. I’m a massive music fan and write reviews for online music magazine Backseat Mafia, as well my own music blog Deh, Deh, Deh, Deh. The music stuff I put in here will be more feature based stuff, but head on over there if you want to read about great music, new and old, by myself and a load of other great writers.

Reluctant gym goer. Glasto enthusiast. Lover of second hand book and record shops. Full time member of The Lambily. Paula Abdul follows me on Twitter.So that’s me. Say hi.

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